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Ninja Set - Premium

Ninja Set - Premium

Vault Ninja Set of top of the line gear! Includes Masamune Katana, Doom Circle Shuriken, and Hydra Armor.

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1 x Hydra Skin Armor - Tier 13

Hydra Skin Armor: Superlative leather armor fashioned from the skin of a twelve-headed swamp hydra.

Tier: 13
Stat Bonuses: +17 DEF, +5 DEX
Fame Bonus: 4%


1 x Masamune - Tier 12 Katana

ROTMG Masamune katana weapon for sale in our ROTMG Pro Shop!


Tier: 12
Shots: 1
Damage: 140-160 (Average: 150)
Range: 4.2

1 x Doom Circle Shuriken - Tier 6 Ability

Doom Circle:A sacred shuriken that embodies the power and speed of the wind.

Tier: 6

While Key Held:

MP Cost:

      10 MP/sec.


    Speedy on self

When Key released:

MP Cost:




Projectile Speed:




Shots pass through obstacles.

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Vault Ninja Set of top of the line gear! Includes Masamune Katana, Doom Circle Shuriken, and Hydra Armor.

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